Sergio Durigan Junior

About me

Hello, there!

I am a Free Software hacker. I work for Red Hat 1, hacking in the GDB project during my work hours, and on other Free Software projects in my spare time.

Where I am

You can find me at:

Free Software

As I said above, I am a Free Software hacker. But I am also an activist. I am constantly involved in spreading the word about Free Software (and related subjects, like privacy).

I founded LibrePlanet São Paulo (with some other friends) when I was living in Brasil. Now, I am helping LibrePlanet Ontario to get back to life again.


Grab my GPG key here and send me an encrypted e-mail if you want! I strongly suggest that you use encrypted e-mail.

My e-mail addres is the same as my Jabber address: sergiodj (at) sergiodj (dot) net.



Please, bear in mind that this is my personal website! Everything that I post here and/or in my blog are not my company's opinions!

Author: Sergio Durigan Junior

Created: 2015-11-11 Wed 17:17

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